Solar Screens


Solar screens have been proven to block out up to 90% of the heat from the sun, leaving your home or office cooler and more comfortable. This not only increases comfort inside the building, but also contributes to lower utility costs. If the air inside your building is cooler, it will take less energy to cool it during the warm months.

Our solar screens are unique for three reasons:

  1. Frameless
    Our solar screens are frameless, meaning there is no rigid frame around the outside of the screen. This is great because it makes them much easier to install and un-install and it saves a lot of money on shipping costs, so we are able to provide these at the best price available.
  2. Dual-Lock Pad
    Our solar screens can be easily installed on any window or window frame using the handy “easy-attach” Dual-Lock Pads we provide at no extra charge. Just attach one side of the Dual-Lock Pad to the solar screen and match up the other side by attaching it to the window or window frame.
  3. Inside/Outside Window
    Because our screens are frameless and we provide Dual-Lock Pads, you can actually place the solar screens on the inside or outside of the window. The sun-blocking effect of the solar screen works just as well if it is on the inside of the window as it does on the outside of the window. If your particular application requires putting the screen on the inside of the window, our solar screens can do just that!

During the winter months, you can easily un-install each solar screen and store them so they are safe and secure. When the weather begins to heat up again, simply attach each solar screen to your window again!