Air Filter Service

filter-cleaningTired of poor service from your current filter service provider?

Don’t want to deal with changing your filters yourself?

Let us provide this service, plus make a dramatic change to your indoor air quality. Using our lifetime guaranteed electrostatic air filters, we will make a pre-scheduled visit to your home or place of business and clean the air filters on a guaranteed regular basis.

Included in this service is a semi-annual inspection of your return air duct lines. We will also, on an annual basis, provide a video inspection of your supply duct lines and air handling units.

The price of this service varies depending on the number of filters that are needed and the amount of time the service may take. As with any of our services, estimates are prompt and free.

Our Air Filter Service Has Many Benefits

No more forgetting to change your filters on a regular basis. You get better air quality and air system efficiency.
We use electrostatic air filters as opposed to regular paper or fiber filters. Our filters have a much higher filtration capacity while maintaining excellent airflow.
Use of our electrostatic pad and frame system usually only requires bi-monthly service versus a monthly service for most properties – saves you money!
Odor-absorbing carbon pads are also available for effective odor control.
Environmentally friendly – our filters and permanent and washable so we keep disposable air filters out of the landfills!
We do all the work – no more climbing dangerous ladders to change filters on rooftops, in attics or ceiling returns.
Low competitive pricing.
Free annual video inspection of your air system.